Mudtamer Floor Mats

Mudtamer 4WD Moulded Interior Floor Mats

The very best interior floor protection is achievable with the Mudtamer 4wd Moulded Interior Floor Mats.


If you own a 4WD or Commercial Vehicle the protection of the interior should be top of the list. Moulded floor Mats that fit the exact profile of the floor of your vehicle are a must, to keep dirt, sand, mud, snow and liquid outside where it belongs and not in your carpets or vinyl floor.

Mudtamer Moulded Floor Mats do just that and are Australian Made using the highest quality Australian Products. Made and dispatched from Victoria to anywhere in Australia at no cost, these mats offer you the very best warranty "Lifetime".

Mudtamer 4WD Moulded Floor Mats cover more area, including the sill panel, seat mounts, foot rest and reach high behind the pedals, more safety and use the vehicle manufacturers mounting points to secure.

Mudtamer Mats have been developed to take all you can throw at them and have been endorsed by the mining industry as well as tradies who demand the ultimate in protection for their vehicles.

Tame the outdoors with Mudtamer Mats and spend less time cleaning the interior of your vehicle and more time offroad in the great outsdoors.

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